Sunday, 27 November 2011

Hathersage 25/11/11

Early start meet Stuart at train station 6:30am and then two trains later we would be in Hathersage for a walk up to and along Stanage Edge.
The weather was looking good with clear skies promised .
As we made our way we came across the abandoned millstones by now the wind was picking up but with the sun out it was becoming a glorious day.It was only about 10:30 but with the early start it was time for lunch at the base of Stanage Edge.
 We then had the short climb up to join the path along the edge.
 Forgot to mention joining us on this trip was Brock my Border Terrier who has to stay on his lead due to sheep fetish,here he is with Stu and his new jacket.
Now the wind was really blowing and not a time to look over the edge where the climbers had decided to come up.
Been said before great shapes. 
Getting blown around.
Back to Hathersage quick pint then trains home another great day.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Buttermere to Black Sail Hut (07/10/11)

So off we set from Buttermere destination Black Sail Hut for an over night stay the weather was on our-side.
The hike would take in Red Pike via Bleaberry Tarn which was where we stopped for a refueling.
When we reached the summit the views opened up all-around,with pictures took we headed down to meet up with the forest track which shadows the River Liza.
Black Sail was in sight and a warm welcome was given by the two wardens of the hut followed by some Cumberland Ale and a hearty meal. Most people staying were inclined to chat but you always get somebody who wants nothing to do with the rest of the world.After a nights sleep it was a full breakfast that greeted us thank you again to our hosts and also to my fellow walker Stuart who did our washing up.
Time to pack up and return to Buttermere with rain in the air but we did not mind the journey had done its job.